Driving a Honda is a gift that keeps on giving. Still, you probably have a few items on your Christmas list this year, including some car accessories for your favorite vehicle: the Accord! Kick your driving style and convenience up a notch or two this holiday season with these 12 Honda Accord accessories.

12 Honda Accord Accessories to Grab on Christmas

12 Bags of Groceries: Cargo Net

If you’ve ever driven around with loose items in your trunk, you know how unsettling it is to hear them clanking as you drive. And when you pull away from the store with bags of groceries, you want to know you won’t have a broken bottle or a spilled carton of blueberries when you get home. The Accord cargo net is a simple solution and can be ordered online at any of our Honda dealerships near Dayton, OH.

11 Gazillion Stars: Moonroof Visor

It’s beautiful and functional: the moonroof visor reduces noise and glare for both drivers and passengers as they enjoy some fresh air and (as long as you’re not driving) a glance up at the sky. The visor is long-lasting and crack-resistant, too, which coincides with Honda’s commitment to durability.

10 Types of Bugs: Nose Mask

With no-mar fasteners and felt-lined backing, the nose mask is easy on the paint and protects your Accord from rocks, bugs, and debris.

9 Exterior Damaging Elements Car Cover

9 Exterior-Damaging Elements: Car Cover

In both Ohio summers and winters, a car cover is a simple way to prevent damage to the exterior of your Accord. Custom tailored to fit snugly over your sedan, the cover offers protection from the sun, rain, wind, debris, hail, tree sap, pollution, birds, dust, frost—you get the picture. Ask your local Dayton Honda dealer to order this essential seasonal Honda accessory!

8 Paper Cuts: First Aid Kit

Come on—you know you’re supposed to have one in your car. This first aid kit includes a manual and the basic supplies you need to take care of minor injuries. The zippered case can be attached to any surface via the double-sided hook and loop strips.

7 Reindeers Crossing LED Fog Lights

7 Reindeers Crossing: LED Fog Lights

With plug-in connectors for enhanced reliability, LED fog lights to improve your visibility in challenging weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog. These Honda accessories will be your Rudolph this holiday season.

6 Missed Calls: Wireless Phone Charger

Finally! No need to worry about charging before you leave the house or dealing with adapters and cords in your Accord. This flat wireless phone charger maintains the sleek aesthetics of your interior and can be used with any device that complies with the Qi wireless power interface.

5 Muddy Footprints: All-Season Floor Mats

You want your floors to keep looking as fine as the day you bought your Accord—all while being easy to clean. All-season floor mats are an easy way to keep mud, pet hair, and wintery slush away from your carpet. The mats are designed to trap dirt; simply remove them and scrub with soap and water for that super-clean look. Our Dayton-area Honda dealers can order and install this Accord accessory for you just in time for winter

4 Visible Angles Back Up Sensors

4 Visible Angles: Back-Up Sensors

No matter how many times you check, rearview mirrors can only offer so much information. Backup sensors fill in the blanks. The four Honda rear sensors are color-matched to your vehicle so you’ll hardly see them, but they’ll see everything behind you. They’ll also make ever-quickening beeps as objects get closer so you won’t have to worry about dinging the mailbox.

3 “Cool Car!” Compliments: Decklid Spoiler

Enhance your Accord’s aerodynamics with a sleek and subtle decklid spoiler. It’ll look as sly as any other award-winning sedan on the road.

2 Bright Headlights: Automatic Dimming Mirror

If you’re driving at night, the automatic dimming mirror is a lifesaver if an inconsiderate driver tailgates you with his or her high beams on. The mirror automatically adjusts to all light conditions to reduce glare and nighttime eye strain.

1 Illuminating Ride: Interior Lights

When you’re customizing your Accord, interior illumination provides a special finishing touch. Blue LEDs integrate with the interior lights, complete with on/off features, and create a soft glow in the footwells.

You can order Honda accessories in Dayton, OH, at any of our Miami Valley Honda Dealers locations. Our family-owned car dealerships are committed to helping you enjoy your ride, whether that means customizing it with the perfect Honda accessory, keeping it maintained and running smoothly, or helping you find a new car or certified pre-owned Honda.

Locate your nearest Honda dealer in Richmond or Dayton, and you can cross these Accord accessories off your wish list. Happy holidays!


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