2022 Honda Civic: Features & Release Date Rumors

The new-for-22 Civic enters the game as the nameplate’s 11th-generation model. It’s an evolved piece of automotive machinery, to be sure, even though many details remain concealed to all but the James Bonds and Ethan Hunts of the Honda world. So, what, exactly, can you expect from the latest version of America’s best-selling car*? 

Loose lips may sink ships, but we’re willing to take that risk and fill you in on some 2022 Civic secrets. 

What’s new in the 2022 Civic?

Because the 2022 Honda Civic is built (mostly) from the ground up, you can expect a whole lot of new features. Here’s what the 2022 Civic will be unleashing:

First-Ever 100% Digital Dashboard

For 2022, Civic brings to the table a fully digitized dash, complete with a digital gauge cluster, a new 9.0-inch HD touchscreen display, and a low-set instrument panel. 

New Honda Civic Interior

Overall, the Civic’s cabin is the epitome of sophistication; it’s visually void of clutter. Climate control selectors are arranged horizontally, right above a clean shifter and duo of offset cupholders. A large, cavernous storage compartment sits to the front of the shifter, offering a convenient charging location for smart-device stowaways.

For added refinement, the entire mid-tier segment of the dashboard gets a mesh/micropore “honeycomb” treatment, which covers the air vents and intermingles with new rotary knobs. 

Streamlined. Clean. Minimalistic. The all-new Civic is just what the doctor prescribed for 2021.

“Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum” Styling

In a world in which small cars dare to break with tradition, the 2022 Civic dares to return to its roots. Honda Civic engineers worked with a “Man-Maximum, Machine-Minimum” (M/M) philosophy in mind while manning the drawing board. As such, the Civic’s exterior reins in some of the futurist styling cues of other small cars, opting instead for a timeless, classic appearance–with a twist of modernity, for good measure. 

2022 Honda Civic Sedan Prototype

Its body is thin and light, low to the ground, and features a sporty stance, much like the Civics of the past. The 2022 model, however, sees some significant changes compared to the 10th-generation Civic, including the following:

  • Front roof A-pillars have been pulled back, awarding drivers with more visibility.
  • Side mirrors are now found further down on the door to provide drivers with a clearer view from the front side windows.
  • New distinctive taillights are wider and more contemporary.
  • An aerodynamic trailing edge has been added to the trunk lid. 
  • The hood is more elongated, highlighting Civic’s sporty visual appeal. 
  • Several new exterior colors added to the option list, including Solar Flare Pearl (see below).

Advanced Safety

Following an IIHS 2021 Top Safety Pick, the 11th-generation Civic will welcome a fully revitalized suite of Honda Sensing safety and driver-assist features, some of which will be newly standard. 

2022 Civic Styling

Honda has also incorporated a variety of new airbags and airbag-deployment locations. (This may be the first all-new Honda vehicle to fully utilize the brand’s next-generation airbag designs and systems, as detailed here.)

Engineers have built the Civic wrapped up in a new version of Honda’s award-winning Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure. The 2022 Civic will now offer even better collision protection for riders and even pedestrians, as well as improved ride quality and handling.

As more details emerge, rely on your Miami Valley Honda Dealers to put you “in the know.” Stay tuned for additional updates regarding the 2022 Honda Civic, including engines, MPG, technology, and pricing.

When will the new Civic go on sale?

Four Unique Civic Models Planned

The 2022 Civic release starts with its venerable sedan, as outlined above, followed by a new Civic Hatchback, Si, and Type R model down the line. More info will be released as the months draw out, so stick around.

2022 Civic Release Date

Rumor has it, Honda is readying their Dayton, Ohio plants for potential Civic production, creating hundreds of new jobs for our fellow Shelby County residents, with an anticipated 2022 Civic release late this spring (2021), perhaps as early as April/May. And since the all-new Honda Civic may reportedly be coming from our backyard, our Honda dealerships near Dayton might be first in line to get them! Fingers crossed.

Want to hop on the Civic waitlist? Contact your Miami Valley Honda Dealers to get notified when the 2022 Civic becomes available for sale and lease at a Honda dealership near you. In the meantime, venture into one of our Ohio or Indiana car dealerships to get a great deal on the 2021 Civic before they’re all sold out! 


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