Best Honda Accessories for Camping

When taking your family or friends out for a weekend of camping, it only makes sense to outfit with the best of Honda camping accessories to make sure you are ready for anything. Car camping can make camping pleasurable and convenient, combining the fun of roughing it with the nice aspects of carrying everything with you in your vehicle. Whether you travel with a sedan like the Accord, or are toting your camping accessories in a CR-V or Pilot, here are some great accessories to bring along for an excellent trip.

Odyssey Bike Rack Attachment

Odyssey Bike Rack Attachment

If you intend to take off on a cycling adventure once you arrive to your camping location, the Honda Odyssey bike rack attachment makes it easy to use your interior space for storage and keep the bikes on the outside. The bike rack attachment is available for other models as well.

GREAT FOR: Seeing what’s around the next bend in the trail.

Roof Racks for Sporting Equipment

Skis and snowboard attachments may not be necessary for most camping excursions, but a roof mounted HR-V bike rack might be useful! The Ridgeline also offers a kayak tie-down kit, for when you want to take on the rapids while camping. Sporting equipment stays in better condition when held tight to the frame of your SUV, truck, or sedan with an authentic Honda accessory.

GREAT FOR: Enjoying all the water and land have to offer.

HR-V Cargo Trays Covers and Organizers

HR-V Cargo Trays, Covers, and Organizers

With the HR-V, a compact space goes a long way—just look at that kayak in the back! But adding these accessories will allow you to organize your storage space exactly the way you want while making sure the space remains easy to clean in the case that a little camping dirt comes home with you. Similar trays, covers, and organizers are available for the CR-V as well. 

GREAT FOR: Making sure everything you need fits snugly together.

Odyssey Hatch Tent

Specifically fit for your roomy van, this tent attaches to your car and extends its comfortable interior into a full-sized tent. Other versions are available for the CR-V, Ridgeline, and Pilot. The Ridgeline tent, for example, actually melds into the truck bed, making it arguably the best Honda for camping (though the others are all excellent camping cars). 

GREAT FOR: A spacious sleeping, eating, and getting-out-of-the-rain space.

Roof Crossbars 

Adding genuine Honda SUV camping accessories like roof crossbars helps you easily store a few extra items in a roof-mounted compartment, which can easily be removed when not in use. The crossbars are durable and strong on top of your HR-V or CR-V.

GREAT FOR: Hauling everything from grills to gear to make your campsite perfect.

Accord Cargo Net

Accord Cargo Net

With the substantial space in the Accord’s trunk, you’ll want a cargo net to keep things upright, collected, and organized for your trip to the great outdoors. Using this cargo net can also be useful for grocery shopping and other times when you don’t want all the contents of your trunk rolling around together. Cargo nets are available for the HR-V and CR-V as well. 

GREAT FOR: Keeping everyone organized so the wet swimsuits don’t end up in the cooler somehow.

Camping in Ohio is Better with Honda Accessories

Whether you are headed to Hueston Woods State Park or perhaps a local campground near the Little Miami River, you are sure to enjoy camping more with a few great Honda camping accessories. Having a reliable Honda with you is also great for any camping adventures that come your way. With genuine Honda SUV, truck, and car camping accessories, you can stay more organized and have a better time while pitching the tent.

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