Breaking Down Ohio Child Car Seat Laws by Age

Ohio Car Seat Laws

Like all states, Ohio has very strict child car seat laws—as they should—to curb injuries and fatalities. Fines max out at $75 per occurrence, though the cost for disobeying these safety restrictions can be seen on hospital bills, or worse.

Here are the age, weight, height, and seat requirements, per Ohio and federal law:

  • Children under the age of 4 years or 40 pounds must be seated in an approved child safety seat
  • Children taller than 4’ 9” can be transitioned into a booster seat
  • Children between the ages of 8 and 15 must be fastened by a seat belt, at the very least

Federal guidelines are more explicit:

  • Infants: A rear-facing car seat is the only acceptable option for babies up to 12 months of age. Infant, convertible, and all-in-one car seats can all be rear-facing.
  • 1 to 3 Years: Children up to the age of 3 should be in a rear-facing safety seat as long as possible. Once they reach the car seat manufacturer’s recommended maximum height or weight, they can transition into a forward-facing car seat with attached harness and tether.
  • 4 to 7 Years: Once your child approaches the maximum weight and height for their car seat, they can move into a booster seat.
  • 8 Years & Up: Until your child can be properly fastened with your Honda’s built-in seat belt, they should remain in a booster seat. To test, ensure the lap belt crosses their legs, not stomach, and the shoulder belt sits across their shoulder, not the neck or face.

If you need help selecting the right child car seat, use this Car Seat Finder tool. For assistance installing a car seat in your Honda, watch this video or get an Ohio safety seat inspection at a nearby Richmond, Tipp City, or Columbus installation checkpoint.

Forward Collision Warning - Honda for Sale

Honda Sensing®: Putting Children’s Safety First

Offered or standard on most new Honda models, Honda Sensing® makes the road a safer place for children, adults, family pets, and even milk jugs. The following technologies and systems are included in a Honda Sensing safety bundle:

  • Lane Departure Warning – Detects lane departures and alerts you with audible beeps and visual flashes.
  • Lane Keeping Assist System – If you don’t correct your trajectory after the warning system alerts you, this feature will pull you back into the center of your lane.
  • Road Departure Mitigation System – If you aren’t signaling a turn and drift into or near the side of the road, this system will vibrate the steering wheel as a warning before automatically applying the brakes.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Set a comfortable following distance from the car in front of you, and your Honda will adjust its speed to maintain that distance.
  • Forward Collision Warning – When a potential accident is detected in front of you, this system will alert you via audio and visual warnings.
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System – AI can be quicker to react to potential crashes than a human. This technology will automatically brake if you don’t react to collision warnings.

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