2017 Honda Civic Type R


Germany’s century-old Nurburgring racetrack has a long record-breaking history that’s etched in stone. Infamously nicknamed “Green Hell,” Nurburgring is as complex as it is beautiful, featuring steep slopes, hard right turns, and a blind apex that’ll make anyone’s heart race. Only the most courageous dare venture onto its asphalt. This year’s 2017 Honda Civic Type R is one of a handful of vehicles that have braved the track’s 12.9-mile lap and lived to tell the tale—and it’s a doozy (see the video below).

The new Civic Type R (CTR) not only ventured to Green Hell and back, but it also broke the record for FWD vehicles, posting a fantastic 7:43:80 lap time. Almost seven seconds faster than its 2015 predecessor, the CTR is officially the fastest FWD car and the 65th-fastest vehicle to ever burn rubber on the Nurburgring stage. Best yet, the 2017 Type R about to touch down on American soil. Here’s what you can expect when this record-setter arrives at our Miami Valley Honda Dealers’ doorstep!

Power. Prestige. Perfection.

The new Civic Type R is equipped with a 306-horsepower Turbo-4 engine that ramps up to 295 pound-foot in the torque department. This 2.0L engine is exclusive to the CTR and is the most powerful in Honda’s already impressive lineup of rev-roarers. Drivers can also customize their ride using one of three available Drive Modes: Comfort, Sport, and +R (for “Racing,” we assume). In +R Mode, the vehicle automatically engages predetermined settings to enhance the suspension, throttle, and steering for maximum performance and responsiveness no matter the road conditions.

Working alongside the Civic Type R’s engine are several sporty features, including a Limited Slip Differential and Adaptive Damper System, both of which aim to stabilize the vehicle around turns and provide additional off-the-line power. The all-digital instrument cluster also sets aside real estate that allows drivers to monitor and track G-forces, “boost pressure,” and lap times. Getting the most out of the new Civic Type R is easy, especially considering its EPA-estimated 22 city/28 highway mpg rating.

Every new Type R looks as good as it drives. Red Brembo brakes are all but camouflaged inside the 20-inch black wheels. The front grille flashes a bright-red “H” and splits up into the hood, which showcases an embedded vortex generator like the world’s never seen. In the rear, a winged spoiler and three exhaust outputs act as the bow that ties the whole package together.

Honda Civic Type R Interior


Dominating Inside & Out

Roads may be playthings for the Civic Type R, but its cabin is lined with toys for you, too.

In the thrill of the chase, glance over at the metal serial plate just below the shifter, which tells you that you and your CTR are one of a kind. Its racing-inspired bucket seats offer optimal lumbar support and reduce body sway for that silky smooth ride we all dream of. Rubber-gripped pedals give you full control of the road, as does a rubber-lined steering wheel.

In the darkness of night, fear no evil with the soft red-tinted glow of the illuminated console. A bright 7-inch display and touchscreen sits center stage and features Honda’s premier infotainment and navigation system to guide you on your journey.

In the heat of the moment, feel the breeze with automatic climate controls, and relax. Pumps soulful tunes—Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay™ are standard—through the 540W 12-speaker sound system, and control your playlist from the steering wheel with a quick tap of the thumb. You can even use the steering wheel-mounted controls to call home and let the family know not to save a plate for dinner because you’ll be working late (i.e. taking on the sharpest turns in Dayton, OH, with a smile on your face).

Prepare for the Ride of Your Life

Although previous Type R models weren’t widely available in the U.S., their 2017 brother is set to break that trend when it lands at our Honda dealerships near Springfield and Beavercreek, OH. Don’t miss out on experiencing what this record-breaking hatchback has to offer. Stay up to date by contacting your closest Miami Valley Honda Dealers today, and we’ll help you set the pace once the 2017 Honda Civic Type R is released—which is very, very soon!



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