Congratulations, graduate! All your years of hard work have paid now that you’ve turned the tassel and earned your college degree. Having passed that milestone, it’s time to take yet another step into adulthood, and that means making sure you’ve got a reliable vehicle that can get you where you need to go without any problems.

But how do you go about choosing the best vehicle? Do you go with a new Honda or a pre-owned car? Why?

When you’re considering buying a car, it’s not easy to figure out whether a new or used vehicle is the best way to go. As you make your way into that new period in your life, let our Honda dealerships near Dayton help. Here are the major advantages of buying both used cars and a new Honda as a college graduate.

How to Pick the Best Car as a New College Grad

Advantages of Buying a New Honda

Comes Equipped with Features — New Hondas are loaded with a variety of exciting accessories and features, including everything from GPS and Bluetooth to Wi-Fi. It’s a much more advantageous financial deal than getting a used vehicle and having to add these features later, if you’re able to at all.

Better Fuel Efficiency — Thanks to national standards that are enforced today, new Hondas are manufactured to be much more fuel efficient than ever before. With the new Honda CR-V, for instance, you should expect to get about 34 mpg on the highway, which is far more than a comparable SUV from a decade ago!

Safer on the Road — These days, cars are made to follow stringent safety regulations. That means you’re much safer when taking to the road, even for short trips. Most new Honda models have braking assistance, side airbags, technology that monitors your blind spots, adaptive cruise control, and more Honda Sensing features.

Warranty and Maintenance Included — Of course, a new vehicle costs more when you purchase it. But you end up recouping some of your investment thanks to the warranty that is included. With that warranty, you get repairs on your new Honda, as well as free scheduled maintenance for a designated time or mileage limit, with no out-of-pocket expenses for you.

Get Better Financing Options— When you purchase a new Honda, you can take advantage of some of the best new car finance deals and lease offers around. Some manufacturers and Honda dealers may even offer you special pricing for college graduates! Ask a sales member at your preferred Miami Valley Honda Dealers location for more details.


Advantages of Buying a Used Vehicle

Costs Less — A new car starts depreciating in value almost as soon as it’s driven off the lot. So, its trade-in value is much lower than its original price. That is beneficial to you because that depreciation enables you to buy a quality car without paying as much as its new counterpart.

Better Selection — When purchasing a used car, you have numerous makes and models to choose from. That’s especially great if you want one that isn’t manufactured anymore, though you may have to pay a bit more for such a rarity. Most college grads opt for a used car under $10k, which you’d think would limit their selection; however, there are thousands of vehicles under $10,000 that can be purchased used!

Get a Vehicle That Lasts — Although new-car fans often trade in their vehicles every few years, it’s true that used cars (within the last 10 years) can function well 100,000 miles or more. So, buying a used vehicle can potentially be an investment that keeps you on the road for years to come. As a college grad who’s just starting out, that’s really great for you!

Don’t Pay as Much to Insure It — Depreciation value directly impacts the cost of insuring a used car. That means lower insurance rates for you!

Registration Fees are Cheaper — When you register your used vehicle, you’ll pay less for plates in Ohio.

Certified Pre-Owned – Another perk of choosing a used car after college is that you have tons of certified pre-owned options. CPO cars are high in quality yet lower in cost, so you get the best of both worlds. Browse our Certified Pre-Owned Honda program to see what a CPO used Honda can get you.


What’s best for you as a college grad may not be what’s best for you 10 years down the line. In that sense, it’s important to make a wise decision that helps you ascend up the ladder through adulthood.

Need help choosing between a new and used car in Dayton? Bring your questions to one of our Miami Valley Honda Dealers in Ohio. We’ll assist you in acquiring a good car loan for a good car at a good price. You deserve to begin your post-graduate career in the best way possible! Find your local Honda dealership near Dayton to get started.