Winter Car Service Checklist for Worry-Free Driving

Winter driving in places like Dayton, OH, presents a unique set of challenges. From sleet and snow to road salts and chemicals, the conditions out there can wreak havoc on even the newest vehicle. To ensure you’re ready to go places this winter, run down this auto service checklist.

Essential Car Maintenance Tasks

What do the experts have to say about winter vehicle maintenance?  According to the Car Care Council, we all need to “Be Car Care Aware.” And right they are!  An independent survey shows some dismal results in Americans’ car maintenance habits. Neglecting suggested upkeep and vehicle maintenance schedules can result in some very expensive repairs that cost far more than simple tune-ups and checks. 

Ask yourself these questions if you need help assessing the type of car care you need this winter:

  • Are your car battery’s terminals clean?
  • Is your windshield free of cracks?
  • Are all fluid tanks filled with winter fluids?
  • Are all lights working properly?
  • Are tires properly inflated?
  • Are blowers and defrosters working properly?
  • Is your emergency kit fully equipped?

To ensure your vehicle is reliable in the bitter cold that Old Man Winter is sure to dish out, follow Honda’s suggested maintenance scheduling for optimal cold-weather performance.  To find the Honda maintenance scheduling for your specific model, use this handy service maintenance calculator. This Honda service tool will help you determine when to change tires, get a tire rotation, or swap out your oil, among other tasks.

Schedule Dayton Honda Maintenance Service

If you need assistance with winter car care in Ohio, visit any of the service centers at our Miami Valley Honda Dealers locations. When you know your vehicle has met the standards set by your professional Honda service technicians, you’ll have confidence behind the wheel even in the snow.  

Schedule your Honda maintenance appointment online or contact your nearest Honda repair shop around Dayton, Richmond, or Springfield, OH. In addition to our winter car care services, we can also order and install your genuine Honda parts and accessories, such as all-weather car mats and snow racks for your Pilot!